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Canine vaccinations we offer;

Rabies: Required by State law (Core)

Distemper-Adenovirus-Parainfluenza-Parvovirus: Recommended (Core)

Lyme: Recommended (Core)

Bordetella: Risk assessment

Influenza: Risk assessment

Leptospirosis: Risk assessment

Parvovirus only: Risk assessment


Feline vaccinations we offer;

Rabies: Required by State law (Core)

Distemper-Rhinovirus-Calici Virus: Recommended (Core)

Leukemia: Risk assessment


Core vs. non-core vaccines; Core vaccines are those that are considered to be important to all dogs and cats.  Non-core vaccines are those that are considered by risk assessment.  We take into consideration your pet's lifestyle to determine whether a non-core vaccine is warranted or not.


Canine rabies vaccine;  Your dog is eligible for a 3-year rabies vaccine if an initial series of 2 rabies vaccines are administered within 1 calendar year.  If the inital series is not satisfied, your dog is not eligible.


Feline rabies vaccine; We offer a 1 year Purevax non-adjuvanted rabies vaccine that comes highly recommended by many feline practitioners.


Lyme vaccine; The vaccine helps with the prevention of tick-borne lyme disease.  Your dog's potential for acquiring lyme disease is greatly reduced if a vaccine is administered.  A lyme vaccine is highly recommended if your dog has a high potential for acquiring ticks as this is the mode of transmission for lyme. Each dogs' individual lifestyle is taken into consideration before warranting a lyme vaccine.