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Fleas are the most common external parasite of companion animals. Flea allergy dermatitis is the most common skin disease of dogs and cats!

Flea control has always been a challenge for veterinarians and pet owners because the adult fleas cause the clinical signs, yet the majority of the flea population (eggs, larvae and pupae) are to be found off the pet in and around the home. The ideal flea control program utilizes products that target the various stages of the flea life cycle, not only the adult fleas on the pet.

Fleas are also responsible for tapeworms in dogs and cats. Infected fleas are ingested by dogs or cats when they lick their fur and ultimately can lick up the infected fleas.

We highly recommend flea preventative year round, applications to be administered monthly.


***Please read all directions prior to administration of a flea preventative as some are not to be used on both cats and dogs.  For example; Advantix (active ingredient Permethrin), Vectra 3D (active ingredient Permethrin)Comfortis (active ingredient Spinosad),  is not to be used on cats, only dogs.