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There have been several calls and messages today with questions concerning the USA Today article on Seresto collars being connected to skin irritations, seizures and deaths in dogs, as well as reactions in people who have come into contact with the collars.

In our experience, this is very rare; we thankfully have no known Seresto-related deaths, or suspected Seresto-related neurological episodes. We do see skin reactions (hair loss around the neck, itchiness when first applied, or a rash around the neck) as the most common (but still not frequent) side effect in our patients using the collar.

There is definitely a concern on our end regarding counterfeit (and perhaps more dangerous) collars that are being sold as Seresto on numerous internet sites and this may be a bigger part of the story. We have seen counterfeit collars first-hand on our patients; they have not been purchased here, so we would like to advise caution in choosing your source should you continue to use the Seresto collar.

It is important to be comfortable and confident in what flea and tick control product you choose to protect your pet. We have had great success in helping to reduce tick disease occurrence with the products we have at our clinic, including Seresto. All of our recommendations are based on the benefit for your pet outweighing potential risks as well as what fits your needs. If your pet is currently using Seresto and you are concerned about continuing, feel free to call or message our office for alternative recommendations; please also be sure to bring up any concerns at your pet's next appointment with our veterinarians. 

Thank you for your trust in us; we are truly grateful for the opportunity to care for your furry friends!

To Our Beloved Clients,

Effective immediately, to do our part to help keep our clients and staff healthy, we will be rescheduling non-essential visits.   You can assist us by rescheduling any wellness or other non-essential appointments you may have made, from now through April, to the period from May and beyond.   We are also going to add additional open time between necessary appointments to allow for more “social distancing”.

We understand that you may need regular medications, diets and other supplies for your pet.  Please call us to arrange for pickup of those medications.  We can take credit card payments over the phone and meet you in the parking lot with your pet’s medication.  

We understand this puts a hardship on all of us.  In the case of a true emergency, please contact:
Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists at 508-759-5125.  They are located at 11 Bourne Bridge Approach, Buzzards Bay.  
New England Animal Medical Center at 508-584-1600.  They are located in West Bridgewater on Rte 106 @ Rte 24

Dr. Lappin & Staff at The Animal House